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Interlock Cladding Systems In Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Pro Facade specialises in supplying and installing metal and architectural cladding.

With over 20 years of experience in the metal cladding industry, we have both the product and installation knowledge needed to ensure that we always supply top quality products that are suitable for the job.

Whether you need Aluminium, Copper or Zinc cladding in Melbourne, Pro Facade will always have exactly what you need at a very competitive price.

Interlock Cladding Systems in Melbourne

If you are considering cladding options for your home or business and have browsed images and seen some seriously stylish panelling and are determined to find out exactly what it is, then it is very likely that your eye was caught by interlock cladding.

Here at, we are not surprised that folks around Melbourne have expressed an interest in this particular self-supported system. The smooth contemporary aesthetic is a wonderfully effective way to bring a sense of drama to your building, while simultaneously adding more than a touch of elegance.

At, we are the go-to specialists when it comes to consulting, designing, fabricating and delivering exceptional metal cladding in Melbourne. We have been bringing our expertise to hundreds of homes and business premises since 2007 and in the intervening decade have developed an enviable reputation in the industry. As such, we are a highly-sought after crew and therefore take each prospective project under serious consideration, so that we fully understand what you want, and so that we believe it is a good fit for what we can bring to the table, so to speak.

With over 20 years of trade experience under our belts in the metal cladding industry, you can rest assured that our team are perfectly placed to troubleshoot and execute on projects of any size. What’s more, we are consummate professionals and are committed to completing your project on time, on budget and to your exact specifications.

Why Metal Cladding Tops All Others

A metal interlock cladding system on your Melbourne home adds value and saves you money in the long run. At, we work with zinc, copper and lightweight aluminium materials, all of which are incredibly durable and easy to shape and fit.

Where timber, PVC and brick facades might seem like good options, metal is much lower maintenance and will offer a greater lifespan. In fact, in many cases metal cladding lasts for decades and will withstand the harshest weather conditions. Metal cladding is also fireproof, which brings that added level of safety and security to your home or premises, and better still, you won’t see mould or fungal growth on it, which is better for the health of the occupants.

With Pro Façade working on your property you will be guaranteed a very high standard of completion and exceptional craftsmanship. We are absolutely committed to customer satisfaction and with a one-year warranty on the installation and a ten-year warranty on the materials, peace of mind comes with the work.

Collaborators for All

Regardless of whether you are a home-owner undertaking a project on your own, or an architect faced with a complicated build, our team at Pro Façade are the ideal interlock installers in Melbourne. Whether it is a simple consultation to figure out which metal materials you should choose, or if you need a fabrication, rest assured that we are ready and willing to help.

At, we have saved our clients hundreds and thousands of dollars, so, don’t wonder about what might have been, get in touch today and let’s create something brilliant.

Pro Facade is Melbourne’s best installer of architectural roof and wall cladding. We install cladding made from a variety of materials, such as zinc, aluminium and copper. Browse our website further or call us to learn more.

Save Hundreds (Or Thousands) On Your Project

Pro Facade can offer you some of Melbourne’s most competitive prices on a range of metal cladding. We don’t outsource our orders. We fabricate in-house to ensure your cladding is the best quality and exactly as ordered.

  • No shipping mistakes.
  • No communication ‘errors’.
  • Just your new striking metal design on-time, as promised.

We also consult, design and install. It’s a seamless process that saves you time, and gives you the peace of mind you need when undertaking such a big project.


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