Architectural Cladding

Pro-Façade are the leading choice for architectural cladding in Melbourne thanks to more than 20 years’ experience in designing and implementing the best solutions possible. We specialise in architectural wall cladding using a variety of metals, such as aluminium, copper and zinc so we can provide a range of finishes and styles to suit any building.

There are plenty of benefits to architectural cladding in Melbourne. The first is it’s a great way to transform your property and make it unique to you or your business. The right cladding can also help with energy efficiency and protect the property from the ever-changeable weather Melbourne enjoys.

Both residential and commercial customers can make use of our metal cladding solutions to completely change the look of their property and we are happy to speak with you in a no-obligation free consultation to find out how we can help. We’ll identify the right material and style for your needs and put a plan in place to make it happen, delivering an amazing look you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Architectural Roofing

It’s not just architectural wall cladding that we can help you with at Pro-Façade, but architectural roofing solutions, too. This is because the walls are only one part of your building and if you really want a complete style, you can’t forget the very top of your property.

You will even enjoy greater benefits that come with our wall cladding systems, as we can employ the same techniques on your roof to improve energy efficiency further and ensure there are no areas where the weather can get through and into the property.

We are certain you’ll enjoy the results of our architectural roofing and cladding solutions, like many other residential and commercial clients in Melbourne. With our vast amount of experience, high-quality materials and the latest techniques and equipment, we challenge ourselves to do better on every single project.

For more information on our architectural roofing and cladding services across Melbourne, get in touch with a member of our specialist team today.