The Best Aluminium Facades In Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Pro Facade specialises in supplying and installing architectural roof and wall cladding.

With over 20 years of experience in the metal cladding industry, we have both the product and installation knowledge needed to ensure that we always supply top quality products that are suitable for the job.

Whether you need Aluminium, Copper or Zinc cladding in Melbourne, Pro Facade will always have exactly what you need at a very competitive price.

Aluminium Facades In Melbourne

The façade of a building is its public face, the part that most people see. So whether a new build or a renovation, an industrial building, commercial property or a residential structure, you want to make it look great.

An aluminium facade from Pro Façade can enable you to achieve the appearance you want. Spectacular or subtle, we can help you create the look you want — whether that’s to impress or to blend in with the immediate surroundings.

Create Possibilities That Are Combined With Practicality

The flexibility of our aluminium facades gives you the freedom to design and create exactly the building you want. Whether that means plain and understated or making a spectacular impact, whether straight, curved or irregularly shaped, our façade systems can handle it.

With a range of colours, finishes and designs, plus the ability to create unique solutions, we can help you create the building that matches your imagination and design concept. A range of cladding system types is available — interlock, shingles, standing seam and fishlock — so you can create the look you want, whether for the roof and all walls as well as the façade.

Added to the exceptional appearance of our aluminium facades are their supreme practical features. Once installed, the panels are resistant to extremes of weather — they’re held securely in place so they won’t move, they prevent water penetration from the outside and reduce moisture build up internally, and they achieve the ideal thermal balance through effective insulation that keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature.

The result is that, whatever the weather outside, the inside stays dry and with a level of comfort, you can set and easily maintain. Ventilation between the cladding and its insulation layer prevents moisture build up and extends the effective life of the building, which enhances its overall value.

A Building That Looks Great And Works Perfectly

The panels we use for every aluminium façade in Melbourne are fireproof, lightweight and are stable so they won’t expand or contract in extreme weather. They can be fixed in any direction, on roofs as well as walls, and can be bent and twisted to the shape you want. They’re in a range of colours that won’t fade or alter, retaining the initial appearance of the building when the panels are affixed. The result is a building that looks and works great from the start and for many years to come.

Since the panels are made off-site, they give all the advantages of modular construction — improved quality due to being manufactured in factory conditions, a better safety record and the ability to deliver to site just when they’re needed. They also occupy less space than conventional brick or stone construction but are equally as resilient and provide greater thermal efficiency.

Although the panels are made using standard processes, which keep the cost down, they’re all made specifically for each job. Consequently, you get a building façade that’s totally unique and creates the effect you want combined with superb performance and durability.

Pro Facade is Melbourne’s best installer of architectural roof and wall cladding. We install cladding made from a variety of materials, such as zinc, aluminium and copper. Browse our website further or call us to learn more.