Ensure every corner of your roof is looking its best with the stunning architectural roof cladding solutions from Pro Facade. Stylish, durable, and expertly installed, our metal cladding has been utilised for a range of residential and commercial projects across Melbourne. As part of our range of cladding systems, Flatlock Cladding is the perfect solution for attractive, durable, and practical soffits.

They may be on the underside of your roof, but your soffits, or eave lining, can still make a difference to the detail and style of your property. Pro Facade can design, manufacture, and install stunning soffits, utilising the same high-quality materials we use for the rest of our roof cladding. This ensures that every element of your new roof will be energy-efficient, weather-resistant, and designed to last for years to come. Flatlock Cladding can be used to create a staggered or smooth look, ensuring elegance for your eave lining regardless of your design preferences.

Whatever your project may be, our team prides itself on a process with no shipping mistakes, no communication errors, and exceptional metal designs that are installed at a time that suits you. With more than 20 years in the industry, we are the trusted name in soffits for homeowners and architects alike.