The Best Curved Cladding In Melbourne

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Curved Cladding In Melbourne

If you want to create a truly awe-inspiring building or to transform one that’s rather bland, curved cladding may be just the solution you require. It enables the creation of a structure that’s unique, that stands out from other buildings that are more traditional in their construction and yet is practical, durable and cost-effective.

Curved panels used on the façade, other walls or roof of a building make a strong enough statement to be its main visual theme. They open up a large number of possibilities for any building designer, enabling waves, undulating contours or loops to snake across the building’s structure.

Adaptable To Any Design And Purpose

Cladding panels usually conform to the basic shape of a building. However, aluminium is such a lightweight material that it can be adapted to almost any required shape and affixed securely to any style of building. The lightness of the material, however, doesn’t imply a weakness because aluminium is just about the most hard-wearing and durable of cladding materials available.

When a curved effect is required, it can be achieved in one of two ways:

  • Using faceted panels that are straight but have tapered ends so they appear curved from a distance.
  • As fully curved cladding created by welding sections to create curved panels.
  • When the latter method is used, the appearance of the welds can be removed to create a completely smooth and blemish-free finish.

Aluminium is the most popular material to achieve a curved effect. That’s partly due to its lightweight and flexible nature but also because it’s hard-wearing and requires virtually no maintenance. Anodised aluminium offers a range of colour options with a satin finish while PPC (polyester powder coated) aluminium has a number of paint options in a matt finish.

Curves With A Practical Purpose

Curved cladding doesn’t just make a building look great although that is one of its biggest attractions. Curved panels on a roof can mean details such as eaves, gutters, flashings and ridge cappings are no longer needed, saving costs on a project.

Using curved panels on a flat surface opens up a whole new range of design possibilities, rather than simply creating a structure that looks great. For example, service ducts and other features that would normally be inside a building can be relocated externally. The cladding will hide these features and extra space will be freed up internally to create additional space.

All this adds up to a cost-effective solution that is further enhanced by aluminium’s ability to provide a quality cladding for the life of a building, which is illustrated by the long guarantee periods available on the product and the value it retains when the building is no longer needed. Its varying colours and finishes, combined with the curve of the panels, creates the appearance of light and shade, often an impression of movement that brings life to a building.

Working from initial concepts and outline designs, we can create practical and stunning buildings that meet or exceed all your expectations. No matter how difficult the project, we can overcome all challenges and turn dreams into reality. We are confident in our ability to do this since it’s something we’ve done many times before and will continue to do so.

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