The Best Residential Cladding In Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Pro Facade specialises in supplying and installing architectural roof and wall cladding.

With over 20 years of experience in the metal cladding industry, we have both the product and installation knowledge needed to ensure that we always supply top quality products that are suitable for the job.

Whether you need Zinc, Copper or Aluminium cladding in Melbourne, Pro Facade will always have exactly what you need at a very competitive price.

Residential Cladding In Melbourne

You know that when you are starting out a project to revamp the look of your home, you will have to live with the choices that you make today for the next few years or decades. If this is your primary and maybe only residence then you are also going to have to look at it every day, so having a serious think about what you really want is vital in terms of ensuring that you get the best possible materials that will bring many more benefits to your home than a nice makeover.

Residential cladding is an option that a lot of Melbournians ultimately go with when redesigning both the exterior and interior of their homes. Some may believe that this is a considerable undertaking and others may fear that they do not know enough about it, thereby making it a perceived risky choice. However, here at, we have been working side-by-side with project managers of all types, including architects, builders and private homeowners who want to achieve something wonderful for their property.

Since 2007 we have been actively trading in Melbourne and you will undoubtedly be familiar with our work. We are the installers that were entrusted to clad the iconic Federation Square as well as the award-winning St. Andrews Beach House. So, when we state that with us you have a specialist team that is capable of high-end complex work, as well as delivering exceptional work on smaller projects, you can trust that we have the track record to prove it.

Adding Strength And Character

At the beginning of any project, our consultants here at Pro Façade like to have a conversation with those heading it up. This enables us to determine exactly what you hope to achieve and will give you a sense of what we can bring to the project, in terms of ideas, design possibilities and the creation and installation of residential cladding that will make your home the envy of all others in your area.

We work with copper, zinc and lightweight aluminium metals, which means that when we create panels for your home you are getting a finish that will add strength as well as character to your home. Our cladding is designed to endure the toughest weather conditions and to self-heal, which means that you are guaranteed decades of protection.

We offer a variety of cladding systems so that you are not stuck with one-size fits all options. Interlock cladding, shingles cladding, standing seam and flatlock cladding are all possibilities here at Pro Façade. Our flexibility and vast experience working in cladding over the past 20 years has made us a very much in-demand crew of installers, manufacturers and designers.

Endless Possibilities

However, for those that are already in the middle of a project, don’t worry if you’ve hit a wall and need some advice. Here at Pro Façade, we offer a consultancy option to those that could use a steer in the right direction, whether it’s a materials, design or fabrication issue that you need help troubleshooting. Rest assured that we have solutions that will get you the results you hoped for.

So, if you want to discuss the possibility of residential cladding for your Melbourne home and are interested in having the best in the business help you achieve stunning results, get in touch with us right here at

Pro Facade is Melbourne’s best installer of architectural roof and wall cladding. We install cladding made from a variety of materials, such as zinc, aluminium and copper. Browse our website further or call us to learn more.