The Best Copper Cladding In Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Pro Facade specialises in supplying and installing architectural roof and wall cladding.

With over 20 years of experience in the metal cladding industry, we have both the product and installation knowledge needed to ensure that we always supply top quality products that are suitable for the job.

Whether you need ZincAluminium or Copper cladding in Melbourne, Pro Facade will always have exactly what you need at a very competitive price.

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Copper Cladding In Melbourne

Copper is one of those materials that simply never goes out of fashion. It has been used in building for centuries, yes, you read that right, centuries, because it is a durable, energy efficient option that offers a long life.

Copper cladding in Melbourne is on the rise with more and more businesses and private residential owners all seeing the benefits of cladding over traditional surfaces. However, while some are put off by the price of copper, which is notoriously always that little bit more expensive, those who take the plunge and invest never look back.

Here at, we have been working collectively for over 20 years in the trades industries and since 2007 have pooled our respective talents to give Melbourne business and private clients access to our combined extensive knowledge. No project is daunting as far as we are concerned. We have been there and done that on a huge variety of builds and so we are perfectly placed to undertake work on the interior or exterior cladding work, regardless of how complex or simple.

We understand how frustrating a mix-up or a miscommunication can be, and so we do our utmost to remove this from the equation on each project.

Why Copper Continues To Be Popular

Copper cladding will always be a serious consideration for those who appreciate that in order to make money you have to spend money. Granted it is just not within the remit of some projects, which is a pity, but for those that can afford it, they are set to save a lot in the long run by investing up front.

The thing people like to most about copper over most other metals is that instantly identifiable colour and the elegance it lends to any structure to which it is added. Aesthetics are, of course, very important in terms of the resale value of a property, and so a copper façade or roof will go a long way to giving your home an eye-catching charm that you can enjoy and will attract those who might follow you.

Copper is a very lightweight material, which makes it very easy to transport and install. It’s pliability also makes it easy to manipulate, so for those who have irregular surfaces that they need to be covered, it is an ideal choice. What’s more, copper is excellent in terms of energy efficiency and where sustainability and environmental considerations are concerned it is an ideal solution for those that wish to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum.

Your Home In Good Hands

Copper cladding panels are just one of the metal options we specialise in here at Our specialist skills and knowledge have earned us an enviable reputation in Melbourne and with a one-year warranty on the installation and 10-years warranty on the materials, our clients have found immense satisfaction and peace of mind in choosing our services over our competitors.

So, why not give us a call today at A conversation is always necessary to see what you need and what we can do, but rest assured, with us on board your property is in good hands.

Pro Facade is Melbourne’s best installer of architectural roof and wall cladding. We install cladding made from a variety of materials, such as zinc, aluminium and copper. Browse our website further or call us to learn more.